Golf Course Flyover Pricing

Flyover Pricing:

$90 Per Hole!

Golf courses are beautiful.  However, it is not always easy to show the overall beauty of a golf course using just ground videos. Our team can now easily capture the immense beauty of the golf course, its clubhouse and the surrounding countryside to really promote and increase memberships.

Interactive Hole By Hole Aerial Video:  A virtual tour can help in promoting a golf course. It can also assist with retention of memberships by assisting existing members to improve their game by understanding the golf course better.

Being able to study each hole using interactive golf videos will help improve a players game. It will allow them to read each hole and make better club selection. This will ultimately bring down their golf handicap.  Which is what every golfer wants.

Golf Course Maintenance

Drones With Sensors For Golf Course Maintenance

The most scenic of golf courses will have a wide variety of flowers, fauna, shrubs and trees.  The health of these plants and vegetation is very important to the beauty of the course.

Being able to prevent pest infestation and disease is vital to the health of a golf course.

Early morning golf course flyovers will allow maintenance teams to survey and evaluate all aspects of the golf course and get a full picture quickly before the golf course opens for play.

This allows maintenance teams to respond quickly if their are any aspects around the course which require urgent attention.

Drones In Golf Course Construction

Drones for golf course construction

Golf course design and construction very much depend on the topography of the land area. Designing a golf course is a massive project and require very large budgets.